Immediate Crisis Response Program

Immediate Crisis Handling
Preventing Escalation
Restoring Persons & Onboard Crew Safety
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing after Incident/Trauma

Customers, who obtain a Membership, will acquire access to our Immediate Crisis Response Program. Our clinical staff features highly trained Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Doctors who are standby in case of an emergency on a 24/7 basis. Individuals on board may call our center, contact us online, or skype with our psychologists/psychiatrists professionals in cases of imminent danger posing a need for immediate intervention or in potentially life-threatening situations. Our professionals will provide assistance to stabilize the situation, restore safety onboard and create a short-term plan, and a follow up plan. We are here to help in cases of violence, aggression, out-of-control behavior, or other mental health issues causing immediate concern for the safety of the vessel.

  +   This service is free for our Members

  +   Communication is via Whatsapp or phone call

  +   Anual Fee for non-Members is 250$ per vessel

Our main focus is to prevent incidents that increase the likelihood of developing a mental illness onboard, but also provide consistent monitoring in assessing previous critical situations.

Long-Term Program Objectives:

  • Acknowledging the value of a mentally safe and healthful, violence-free workplace
  • Allocating appropriate authority and resources to all to ensure social responsibility
  • Establishing a comprehensive program of medical and psychological counselling and debriefing for workers who have experienced violent incidents
  • Establishing policies that ensure reporting, recording and monitoring of incidents.
Our I.C.R.C. Program secures vessels’ crew, assuring safer environment, and reduction of incident escallation.

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