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Our Associates

Our team of associates includes psychologists and psychiatrists who are based in 8 countries, and our network keeps on growing.

Becoming an Associate

Our associates are based all around the world, sharing same belief system on treatment methods, and mindset.

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degree in Psychology from an accredited University.
  • Training in cognitive behavioral therapy or brief psychodynamic therapy or EMDR
  • Working experience with verified hours
  • Familiar with DSM-V
  • Private practice at in an already established office is required.
Application Process
  • Complete contact details form
  • Email at
Recruitment Approach

Company's policy

All employees must protect the company's legality. Legal guidelines refer to all environmental, safety and fair dealing dictations of the local and international law as well as the company policy for social corporate responsibility. It is important for associates and employees to familiarize themselves with data protection and confidentiality of records as stated in American Psychological Association Guidelines.

In addition to these, all employees are obliged to refrain from unlawful or offensive behavior against the company where its finances, products, partnerships or public image are concerned.


All employees must abide to certain rules that show integrity and high quality professionalism while executing their duties in the workplace. The following include the company's expectations from its employees: Personal Appearance: The dress Code is:

• Strict Business Dress
• Business Casual
• Smart Casual


Associates must keep original records from patients, and shall not accept bribing or gifts for patients. Such behavior may invoke legal actions that will be damaging for both parties responsible.


All employees must be open for communication with their colleagues, supervisors or subordinates.